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Join my sound and voice sessions in Winterthur


Therapeutic sound and your voice can improve physical and mental health. It can help reduce stress, anxiety, muscle tension, and physical pain, as well as increase a sense of wellbeing and positive mood.

As part of my Professional Diploma in Group Voice and Sound Arts Therapy with The British Academy of Sound Therapy I’m looking for people to take part in my study sessions.

Some sessions look deeply onto the use of sound and music to improve health and wellbeing, whilst others focus more on sound and music as a creative and fun art form.

In return for your support and feedback, I am offering these sessions at a special rate of CHF 20.- per human, to contribute towards the cost of room hire. Your feedback will go towards my final case study portfolio.

Pleas, see links below for further details of session dates, locations and themes. Space is limited, as we be working in small groups.

Do you have any questions, or do you want to register for a session? Please email me! I’m looking forward to meeting you and am excited for you to experience the gift of sound and your voice in this wonderful way.

Much love, Rahel


Sound and Voice Sessions


1 - 4.15 PM

Activate your Voice

Voice Improvisation

Meet your voice_Imp.jpeg

Saturday, April 13, 2024

1 - 4.15 pm / Exchange: CHF 20.-

Why do you feel good when you sing? You don't even have to hit the right notes, just activate your voice and something wonderful happens in your body: vibration. This vibration influences your health and well-being.

Singing holds many treasures: deep breathing, reducing stress and anxiety, relaxation, strengthening self-confidence, exercising the mind, sharing something beautiful. It creates connection and puts you in a good mood (at the latest when your favorite song is playing at full volume and your dough scraper - or your drill - are serving as a microphone).

Our voice is the essence of us – the instrument through which we convey emotions, express ourselves and connect with others. Sound is a form of expression without words. Voice activation can be a transformational process - releasing blockages in and around the throat, breaking down any limiting beliefs, opening and unlocking the true power of the voice.



This interactive small group session is about improvising, and creating with your voice – it’s about having fun. You will also learn how to breathe correctly. We start with vocal and physical exercises and then move on to games and creative vocal techniques.

Is this session for you?

Yes! No previous vocal knowledge is necessary. At the same time, the session is also suitable for people who already work with their voice. We’re not aiming for an artistic performance, instead I will show you in a simple and playful way how you can use your voice in a variety of ways.

SUNDAY, MARCH 10 & 17, 2024

M- shaped sound and voicescape

Join a research study!

01_Mood Homepage.jpeg

Sunday, March 10 & 17, 2024

1 - 5pm / Exchange: CHF 20.-


This offer consists of two sessions, you only need to register once. It is important that you attend both sessions (March 10 & 17) as you will complete a pre and post questionnaire. Your answers will be anonymous and you will be able to view the results of the study on the British Academy of Sound Therapy (BAST) website.


Together in a small group you will create a so called M-shaped sound and voicescape and discover its effect on your mood-state. This soundscape is a semi-structured improvisation that starts quietly and moves up in sound to create energy and increase flexibility.


We will use a variety of instrumental and vocal techniques. It is absolutely not necessary that you have any musical or vocal knowledge. Rather than creating an artistic performance, my intention is to show you how to use sound and voice as tools to create wellbeing. 


I will provide a selection of instruments that are easy to play, including drums, percussion instruments, chimes, singing bowls and more. If you'd like to add something to my rainbow of instruments, I'm excited to hear about it!

CHF 20.- per session


Group sound and voice activities offer so many benefits to health and wellbeing, including enjoyment, creativity, expression, relaxation, community building, improved mental health, deep breathing, exercising the mind, building relationships, and sharing something beautiful!

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