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"Dear Following Your Dreams, I surrender to your scary nature and challenging lifestyle. I commit to trusting you blindly and understand that you are my only means of survival." ~Rahel N' Rose~


Rahel N' Rose are a new provocative Swiss/Canadian band. Their debut EP “Blue Desert” demonstrates the power behind the two vocalists and their uninhibited approach to songwriting.


Rahel's and Rose's musical styles were born in two different places, but their songs reflect the same honest storytelling. Seemingly opposites, they write personal songs expressing similar struggles with addiction, self-worth, love and loss. Both artists convey an undercurrent of feminine strength and advocacy for living on the fringes of society; they will break your heart beautifully.


The two singer-songwriters met in New York City in 2010. A grounding friendship that began as two artists supporting each others individual endeavors, has later on developed into a musical force! The two women spent the summer of 2018 with just their voices, discovering their collective sound. After completing their successful three-month LIBERTY TOUR in Europe, they knew it was just the beginning of something special. Their chemistry was fun and candid, and their contrasting vocals lit their harmonies on fire. “We

spent a lot of time holding up the autobahn in our tiny car weighed down with gear,” says Rahel. “And reading the riot act to airport staff who said they wouldn't let our ukulele fly as carry on,” adds Rose.


Rahel Nahely is a classically trained singer-songwriter from Switzerland. Her angelic voice has been enchanting audiences since she was a child. Now a bold, soulful artist, she performs around the world. In 2014 Rahel was a finalist on The Voice of Switzerland, and that same year opened the Chelsea Film Festival in New York City.


Rose Clark is an edgy singer-songwriter from the west coast of Canada. Her isolated environment and rugged lifestyle stagger through in her gritty to pretty country dirt-rock sound. Her song Allan made it to the semi-finals in the 2017 CBC Searchlight Competition.


In 2019, Rahel N' Rose were thrilled to be joined by Canadian guitar virtuoso Buddy Thatcher. Buddy has been playing guitar for over five decades. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page, his haunting electric guitar creeps into your dreams, forcing you to take a shot of whiskey and wonder what you've been doing with your life. Buddy and Rose have been collaborating for years on songs, performing and recording as Pirate and the Bloody Bohemian, Bud and Rose, and Buddy was a huge contributor to the “Rahel N' Rose” sound.

Rahel N' Rose's EP “Blue Desert” is a contemporary Indie Rock sound, with influences of pop & blues. You can listen to Rahel N' Rose on Spotifyitunes and cd baby

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